Organizational Structure & Committees

Year Round Committee Chairs

Member Engagement Committee - 

Member Engagement Chair - Micaela Rafael

Member Engagement Co-Chair - Johanna Maeve Ortiz

Professional Development Committee -

Professional Development Chair - Carla Kettrick

Professional Development Co-Chair - Kyara Gandara

Public Relations Committee -

Public Relations Chair - Jade Sommers

Public Relations Co-Chair - Position Open

Outreach Committee -

Outreach Co-Chair - Mirella Cruz Trinidad

Outreach Co-Chair - Aileen Fahme

Publicity Committee -

Publicity Chair - Position Open

Publicity Co-Chair - Position Open

Seasonal Committee Chairs

Awards Committee -

Awards Chair - Tamara Ordonez

Section Nomination Committee -

Nominations Co-Chair - Liz Pollard

Nominations Co-Chair - Sara Wheeland

Banquet Committee -

Banquet Co-Chair - Aileen Fahme

Banquet Co-Chair - Liz Pollard

Scholarships Committee -

Scholarships Chair - Joan Fisher

Science Fair Committee -

Science Fair Chair - Laura Meldrum

Past Committee Chairs


Committee Chairs

Member Engagement Chair: Position Open

Professional Development Chair: Brianna LaBarge

Public Relations Chair: Jade Sommers

Outreach Co-Chair - K-12: Dr. Tracy Nguyen

Outreach Co-Chair - Collegiate: Mirella Cruz Trinidad

Seasonal Committee Chairs

Awards Chair: Jill Slaboda

Section Nomination Chair: Sara Wheeland

Banquet Chair: Natalie LaRowe

Scholarship Committee Chair: Joan Fisher

Science Fair Chair: Laura Meldrum

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